IF: Obsession

  I posted my Illustration Friday entry over at Smells Like Crayons.  Check him out!

  I also submitted this same image to Magnet Open Art Project in Concord, NH.  Artists can submit an image to the show, which will be printed as magnets and spread across the city.  Viewers of the citywide gallery can take a magnet home with them.  Who doesn't want a piece of pocket art?  Plus, it's a magnet.  So it's functional pocket art.  I know a couple of my NH artist friends have submitted to the show (Vita Mechachonis and Nicole Huot).  Which amazing artist's work will YOU be taking home?

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  1. The cake monster, I presume? Reminds me of the sesame street song, "C is for cookie, and that's good enough for me." Could be changed to "C is for cake..." for your little mosterkins. Love it. Love the colours.


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