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Hey all!

Its been a while, I know. I did not mean to neglect you.

In fact, I've been busy building a new and improved website with some very special elements involved. You are going to want to stay tuned.

Trust me.

In the mean time I think you deserve a little love gearing up to my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day.

I'm joining with other teacher-bloggers in a blog hop where you have the chance to win $50 to TpT!

And do you know what those $50 TpT bucks are good for? Buying fabulous resources at the TpT Be Mine sale, February 7th-8th. Save up to 28% off your favorite TpT resources, including my store Sarah Pecorino Illustration.

So to follow along this super cute hop, here what you gotta do.

Write down this word...

Then hop through from my blog to Elementary Adventures and the remaining three blogs to collect all the words from the secret phrase. Once you have the phrase you'll be entered to win the $50 TpT Gift Card.

It's that easy!


Clip Art Set: Emotions

This set of Emotions set was a labor of love but worth every moment. I started with a long list of common emotions and whittled it down to the ones I felt I could really convey with facial AND limited upper body expression.

I kept these final 16 emotions to upper body images to help focus in on the expression and ended up creating a boy and girl version of each one, so 32 unique characters in all.

I have seen some really creative uses of these characters, not just on emotions themed projects. I like to drop a kid or two into an Instagram post to keep things fun and light.

I love them all, but this one confused girl is my favorite...

But who could resist this sad fellow...

I created a cute 16 Emotions Poster with one of each of the emotions. This set comes with printable 8.5"x11" and 11"x17" versions, perfect to have at home or in a classroom.

You can find my Emotions Clip Art set and 16 Emotions Poster in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

How to use Make Your Own Color-by-Number Clip Art Blanks

While working with my kiddos on some color-by-number pages in a coloring book I thought parents and teachers could probably benefit from the flexibility of a blank color-by-number page so they could plug in info based on whatever subject they are working on at the moment. I guess we could call it color-by-code since you can use any key you want like numbers, letters, words, math equations or even science formulas.

So I created "Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art". Its crazy easy to use the blanks:

1. Choose a Color-by-Number blank. The clips are 8"x8", just the right size to drop into a vertical or horizontal document without any adjusting and come in black lines with white or transparent fill.

2. Choose a color key or make your own. I made 2 variations of color keys: A) for 8 count crayon boxes and B) for 12 count crayon boxes and 16 count colored pencil sets.

3. Drop your chosen Color-by-Number blank into your favorite document creation program. Then use text boxes to layer your code right on top of the color-by-number blank. You can also make a color key page by creating new document with the same text boxes and switch out the blank for the full color key.

4. Add color! Obviously this is the step my kids love the most.

I've created a sample page where I used the "Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art" using the scissors from the School Supply blanks set and a simple color key. Click HERE to download. (The School Supply blanks set is currently only available in the Clip Art Bundle Artist Edition Vol. 1.)

*Please note it is for personal or classroom use only and is not to be resold or redistributed. The clip art blanks are for personal and educational commercial use and can be used to create a color-by-number type resource that is sold on educational sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. 

If you're interested in using the flexibility of the blanks, check out the different themes of my Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art.

Clip Art Sets: 2D Shapes in Real Life

Check out these sets added to my shops: 2D Shapes in Real Life. I spent probably way too much time choosing the right real life object for each shape. My 6 year old was very involved the development process. Thanks to my studio helper I think these sets came out pretty nice!

There are 6 sets total (as of right now). They're listed individually and as a bundle.







Also available in a bundle!

Find these sets listed in each of my stores:

Teacher Gift: Sticky Note Gift with Free Tag Printable

We made these super easy and super useful gifts for the kids' teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. They could just as easily be used for a beginning of the year or end of the year teacher gift. I picked up a bunch of sticky note blocks at my all time favorite Target. 

Then all we had to do was trim out these cute tags and stick them onto the top of each block. Couldn't be easier.

Click HERE to download the printable tags page to use for your own teachers.

Print the page out onto card stock or heavy paper, cut tags out along blue lines, use double sided tape to attach the tags to your sticky note pads.

Teacher Appreciation Freebies: Coloring Page and Clip Art

I can not say enough how much I appreciate the teachers in my life. My children' teachers are amazing. I don't know how they do everything they do and make learning so much fun for my kiddos.

Don't forget to thank the teachers in your life every day, but especially during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2 - May 6).

Here is a printable "I Love my Teacher" coloring page and for your little one to color and give to their teachers to show those hard working educators some love.

And you can grab this FREE "Best Teacher Ever" Mug Clip Art and Printable Card. I suggest that you pair the card with some chocolate. Almost everyone likes chocolate :)

Clip Art Set: April Icons and FREE Coloring Page

This post is a little late in coming. I got a bit distracted in packing for my beach vacation with the hubs. You can't blame me for getting a little excited, right?

Well, I'm back with more than a bit of a tan, a new clip art set, and a freebie butterfly coloring page.

But first, here are some obligatory photos from our trip to the beaches of Punta Cana.

I spent my quiet time doing some business planning and brainstorming (thanks to Kelli Alaina's "Get it Done with Grace" free business e-course from this spot...

And this spot...

Most importantly I spent lots of quality time with this fellow...

So Happy April! Here is the latest addition to my Monthly Icons series. You can grab it in either my Teachers Pay Teachers or Educents stores for FREE through the month of April.

Don't forget to grab this super cute FREE butterfly coloring page, too! You can download this beauty HERE.

Clip Art Sets: Antonyms (Kids & Animals)

Newly released this week: Animal Antonyms and Antonyms & Opposites (Kid Style).

I seriously love how these all turned out. It may have taken me three weeks from sketch to finished color but it think it was all worth it.

And what I love most about the Animal Antonyms and the Antonyms & Opposites sets is that you can use them for SO much more than opposites and grammar studies. You could probably come up with a story for every duo, and then mix and match and come up with whole new ones. I know I sure did.

Like this fellow. I imagine him relaxing after a hard day in the pig stye. It's rough getting muddy, rummaging around the trough for those corn cobs and watermelon rinds! In fact, just after you're done checking him out he's planning on pouring himself a nice glass of red and cracking up a good book.

And these kids were SO much fun to do. To come up with each character I tried to imagine a situation  where they might be interacting, again, a perfect place to imagine a storyline. Each of these kids are so individual and strong on their own they could be used for many other projects.

When I created each look I drew upon people in my life. The boy "Standing" is based off of my brother with his jet black buzz cut and dramatic Eddie Munster hairline. The "Loud" girl is my daughter. No explanation needed. The "Short" boy's light tipped blonde hair is inspired by my son.

And to be honest, the "Happy" girl and the "Sad" boy were also inspired by the many emotional ups and downs of that four year old "strong willed" girl.

You can find these sets in my shops...

Clip Art Sets: St. Patrick's Day and FREE Coloring Page

I've just released three clip art sets with St. Patrick's Day in mind. Introducing...

St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns

This set contains two groups of Leprechauns. The first is a single leprechaun in four different positions. The second is a group of four different leprechauns in four different positions. I couldn't decide which would be the most useful to folks so I did them both!

Five different hand painted leprechauns? Can't go wrong with that! The set also includes a full pot of gold, an empty pot, half rainbow, full arc rainbow, and a handy money bag.

St. Patrick's Day Gold Coin Stacks

This set includes gold coins in stacks of 1 - 10. There are three different coin type: plain, shamrock, and four leaf clover. Each of these is shown as both front view and angled view. We have to count the leprechaun's money once we get ahold of it, right?

Four Leaf Clover Page Decor

This set features lucky four leaf clovers in corner graphics, full page borders, square borders, lines, single clovers, and a clover cluster. How could you not feel lucky after seeing these on your pages?

Find these three sets individually or as a discounted bundle in my Teachers pay Teachers and Educents shops. Click below to find them in your favorite marketplace.

And for a little fun why not grab this coloring page created with elements from these St. Patrick's Day sets. Available in my Teachers pay Teachers and Educents shops.

Clip Art Set: March Icons

I updated my March Icons with a rainbow of lucky horseshoes. FREE for the month of March in my Teachers pay Teachers and Educents shops.

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