How to use Make Your Own Color-by-Number Clip Art Blanks

While working with my kiddos on some color-by-number pages in a coloring book I thought parents and teachers could probably benefit from the flexibility of a blank color-by-number page so they could plug in info based on whatever subject they are working on at the moment. I guess we could call it color-by-code since you can use any key you want like numbers, letters, words, math equations or even science formulas.

So I created "Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art". Its crazy easy to use the blanks:

1. Choose a Color-by-Number blank. The clips are 8"x8", just the right size to drop into a vertical or horizontal document without any adjusting and come in black lines with white or transparent fill.

2. Choose a color key or make your own. I made 2 variations of color keys: A) for 8 count crayon boxes and B) for 12 count crayon boxes and 16 count colored pencil sets.

3. Drop your chosen Color-by-Number blank into your favorite document creation program. Then use text boxes to layer your code right on top of the color-by-number blank. You can also make a color key page by creating new document with the same text boxes and switch out the blank for the full color key.

4. Add color! Obviously this is the step my kids love the most.

I've created a sample page where I used the "Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art" using the scissors from the School Supply blanks set and a simple color key. Click HERE to download. (The School Supply blanks set is currently only available in the Clip Art Bundle Artist Edition Vol. 1.)

*Please note it is for personal or classroom use only and is not to be resold or redistributed. The clip art blanks are for personal and educational commercial use and can be used to create a color-by-number type resource that is sold on educational sites like Teachers Pay Teachers. 

If you're interested in using the flexibility of the blanks, check out the different themes of my Make Your Own Color-by-Number Blank Clip Art.

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