Go Out on a Limb

So my HonsestT cap said me me yesterday, "The sweetest fruit hangs from the farthest branch". Ok, so I don't have it in front me, but you get the gist. It's a sign. I'm done with making excuses and I'm taking a big (albeit, scary) step forward. Hello World! It's me, Sarah Pecorino, children's illustrator extraordinaire!

I've started this blog as a place for others to see my work, and a place to connect with other artists. If I am responsible to you, then I'll be motivated to get things done. I plan to post works in progress, finished pieces, links to articles about illustration, art, and the like, Etsy finds that inspire me, and artist who help me dream big.

Hopefully you'll find me entertaining enough to check on often, because I can feel that big things are on the horizon!



  1. I think you're an amazingly talented illustrator and here's a huge "GO SARAH!" for finally taking that leap. You will succeed without a doubt :) Go get'em Tiger!!

  2. The illo you did for the Ripple project is conceptually wonderful!!!!!!! And the art is wonderful too. Very talented, yes indeed!


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