Shadowbox Name Art: Audrey

Here's a shadowbox piece I did for a friend's new baby.  A bit of my favorite Faber-Castel PITT artist pen, Prismacolor markers on watercolor paper, cut and mounted in a shadowbox frame.  It was a nice change to create this piece since I've been up to my eyeballs with home renovations, mommyhood and freelance work and haven't had much time to create something new and fresh.  Wadahathink?  :)


  1. This is gorgeous!!! Yes I love your plan to take over the world - do it!! People would be nuts not to buy one.

  2. Ooooo! Taking over the world? I love the sound of that! Thanks for the motivation, Vita :)

  3. Productive use of time is an Art I think. Especially when you're discovering what works. The shadowbox here is cute.


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