We're opening the newest Health Club in town!

That's right.  My husband is co-owner of the newest gym in Manchester, NH: The Zoo Health Club.  You may have seen the Muscle Lover's Valentine's Day cards or the "I've got ninety-nine problems but the bench ain't one" art piece I did for his office.  Julian LOVES working out and is great with business so when the stars aligned one year ago he jumped at the chance to open up his own gym.  I am beyond ecstatic for him.  As the owner's wife not only do I know 99% of what goes on behind the scenes, but I am also the 24hr on-call graphic designer for the gym.  I didn't do the website, but I've sure revved up my skills in print production and social media marketing knowledge - including designing, sorting, and mailing 10,000 pre-sale mailers.  (Gold Star for me: the lady at the post office actually thanked me for having my mailers so organized, but I will never do that again.)

Nice job showing off that On Demand Fitness system, Julian!
I can't wait for the gym to open.  It's ironic how out of shape you get when trying to open a health club!

Ooooo!  Look at all the fun new equipment!
If you live in the Manchester, NH area, stop on by!  We are located on South Willow Street right next to the DMV.  Follow The Zoo Health Club Manchester on Facebook for updates and healthy tips daily.

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