New Project!

 have been selected as one of the contributing illustrators for a new children's e-zine called "Topsy Turvy Tales" debuting in August.  The publishers have given me the thumbs up to share my sketches with you as my pieces progress.  I will be illustrating for two ongoing stories: "Sadie and Rosebud", a tale of a girl and her horse, and "The Adventures of a Girl, a Moose and a Flea".

Here are a few sketches I've made for "Sadie and Rosebud".  Here are a few sketches of Rosebud being Rosebud and making a mess in the kitchen. 

Here is a scene where Rosebud and Sofie are prancing through a field.  I think I'm going to develop this one a bit more and then go to color.  I see this whole piece having a warm summer orange glow to

Next I have character studies for Muffie, the moose, and the flea.  Muffie and the flea are pretty solid other than some wardrobe changes, but the moose needs a bit of work.

'Till next time!

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