Clip Art Sets: Antonyms (Kids & Animals)

Newly released this week: Animal Antonyms and Antonyms & Opposites (Kid Style).

I seriously love how these all turned out. It may have taken me three weeks from sketch to finished color but it think it was all worth it.

And what I love most about the Animal Antonyms and the Antonyms & Opposites sets is that you can use them for SO much more than opposites and grammar studies. You could probably come up with a story for every duo, and then mix and match and come up with whole new ones. I know I sure did.

Like this fellow. I imagine him relaxing after a hard day in the pig stye. It's rough getting muddy, rummaging around the trough for those corn cobs and watermelon rinds! In fact, just after you're done checking him out he's planning on pouring himself a nice glass of red and cracking up a good book.

And these kids were SO much fun to do. To come up with each character I tried to imagine a situation  where they might be interacting, again, a perfect place to imagine a storyline. Each of these kids are so individual and strong on their own they could be used for many other projects.

When I created each look I drew upon people in my life. The boy "Standing" is based off of my brother with his jet black buzz cut and dramatic Eddie Munster hairline. The "Loud" girl is my daughter. No explanation needed. The "Short" boy's light tipped blonde hair is inspired by my son.

And to be honest, the "Happy" girl and the "Sad" boy were also inspired by the many emotional ups and downs of that four year old "strong willed" girl.

You can find these sets in my shops...

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