Nursery Name Art: Chloe Rita

Man, this holiday season is really running me in circles! I'm sort of taking a step back from ye ole blog to get some personal projects done, like this one of my cousin's little one, Chloe.

You may remember the Thank You card I did for my cousin's shower back in the summer.

Well she asked me to do another piece for her with Chloe's name and how could I say no? My cousin has quite the collection of Vera Bradley bags and baby accessories so when this concept popped up when working on sketches I had to go with it.

I created the artwork, which on its own works great as a print, but I couldn't stop there. When I cut the matt for the frame I decided to add a few cut outs from an extra print. I used regular foam tape to add dimension and it provided just enough lift to the image and didn't get squashed by the glass.

Cute, right?

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