Avoiding the Illustration Boring Bus

A great illustrator I know, Aja Wells, posted a simple yet fantastic diagram about creating interesting illustrations.  A few weeks ago Aja helped me work through some illustration hurdles I was dealing with.  She  reminded me what the difference is between a pretty picture and an interesting one. 
©Aja Wells ajawells.blogspot.com
It's far to easy to make a cute dog, but it's all so far too boring.  The skill is in making the illustration of that cute dog tell a little bit about himself.  Check out Aja's blog for her great diagram and explanation of how a dynamic illustration is different from a boring one. 

Check out Aja's Blog and Website for more of her great works.

(Aja, if you're reading this, I was serious about wanting a poster version of your diagram for my "studio" wall! )

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