AnnaLaura Cantone's Pecorino

Before my son was born I was giving a fantastic book: Pecorino's First Concert by Alan Madison with Illustrations by AnnaLaura Cantone.  I'm partial to the book for obvious reasons.  Even more, though, I'm madly in love with AnnaLaura's illustrations.  They are so fun and alive.  She incorporates 3-D objects or textures into her pieces which make you want to touch each illustration.  AnnaLaura's illustrations inspire me to put more expressions into my lines.  Her website is under construction, so check out her work through this Google Search.

You can also see a few spreads of Pecorino's First Concert through the author's website, Alan Madison.

P.S. Pecorino is totally worthy of his name.  Walk with pride, little cheesy one.

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