Trying some new mediums

Now that I've completed some painting in our new home I am coming back to my illustration work with a fresh perspective.  I've got the itch to continue the hands-on feel of painting and maybe do a bit of collage.  So the other day I picked up a gouache set and started playing on some Bristol paper.  (Yes, I know this isn't the best surface to paint on, but I couldn't find the box with all my artist papers in it.  Later, my husband discovered the box was the foot rest under his desk).  After the gouache dried a played a bit with some colored pencil and then ball point pen.  Now this work is by no means a piece of art, just a subject to play with.  He's actually loosely based off a Bigfoot I created for a friend's birthday card last year.

 I can't wait to play more with the medium and start to throw some collage in there.  I still love Photoshop to death so I think I'll be doing parts of my pieces traditionally and then working them more in Photoshop.

Inspirations for this new direction in paint and/or collage: 
Clare Fennell
Holli Conger
Jenn Ski
AnnaLaura Catone

I am also trying to work on my hand when creating my characters.  In the past I have found that I get caught up in the details of a person or animal and they lose the movement and excitement I had initially intended.  Another of my goals in addressing my style is to simplify and strengthen the lines of my characters.  Lets see how it goes!

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