Free Printable: My Summer Bucket List

This year the kids and I are sitting down and putting our Summer Bucket List down on paper so we don't forget all the fun stuff we want to do. Instead of just listing them out I decided to make our list a little more festive and go all sand bucket style.

First we printed the bucket and shovel out on different colors of card stock and did some fine motor work cutting them out.

Then we punched holes in the bucket near the top rim and looped the ends of pipe cleaners through them to create the handle. Just before folding over the second end of pipe cleaner we hung the shovel on the "handle". A sand bucket isn't nearly as fun without a shovel!

The kids really liked decorating their bucket lists and have proudly displayed them on the Pecorino Galleria di Frigorifero.

You can download this project for yourself HERE or by visiting my Educents store. Just print out the bucket page and shovel page onto card stock or heavy construction paper. I printed them out onto different colored card stock and let the kids decorate how they wanted.

What sort of things are on your Summer Bucket List?

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