Desconstructing a Bouquet

These days my creative energy is oozing out of every poor but my illustration ones.  I'm OK with that, though, because stifling creativity of any sort is not good for the artist, or the soul for that matter.  Yesterday I decided to deconstruct my wedding bouquet.

Final wedding Dress I created it three years ago from silk flowers in order to get things done ahead of time and save a bit of money in the process.  I created the bridesmaids' bouquets and groomsmen's boutinieres from the same flowers.  (You can see some of them on my flickr site HERE).  My mother and grandmother did the centerpieces and my wedding dress.  It was such a fantastic day when it was all finished.  You can check out some of the photos of the event HERE, taken by the fantastic photographer Douglas Despres of Helios Images.

Anyhoo, the bouquet has been hanging around for the last three years, perched in my sweetheart table centerpiece where I placed it at the begining of the wedding reception.  It has followed us to the new house and continued to collect dust... until yesterday.

Using a white shadow box, scrapbook paper (for the mat), and a little hot glue I gave my bouquet a new lease on life on our new picture wall.

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