Keepin' busy

Sorry I've been vacant the last few weeks.  On top of trying to accomplish some home projects before baby #2 arrives I also accidentally spilled melted butter on the keyboard of my ibook.  It was a freak popcorn buttering accident.  I've now been restricted to using my computer within a close proximity of food products.  I hate to remind my husband, but this may put a damper on any creative cooking attempts.

Anyway, the keyboard has been progressively getting less and less functional and I'm waiting on delivery of a replacement.  Let me tell you, for a work-at-home/stay-at-home mom of a two year old in the near middle of the sticks of New Hampshire, not being able to type emails or make comments on fellow artists' blog posts has seriously driven me up the wall.  Check out my post at Smells Like Crayons to see my recent non-illustrative yet very artsy project.

Next on my list of projects:
- Continue working on massive client project
- Canvas drop cloth curtains for the living room (6 windows total)
- Finally put second coat of paint in kitchen before husband attempts to do it himself
- Prime and paint kiddo's room based on colors from Jenn Ski's number poster
- Make "Hand Painted" mugs as Christmas presents for the grandparents
- give birth before Christmas... 8 more weeks!

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