"You and Me" - V-Day gift

 As a gift for my husband on Valentine's Day I created this shadowbox piece to finish off our TV wall.  I used this cool shadowbox that I picked up at a craft store a year or so ago.  It's got three inner "frames" that you can suspend layers in, which made putting this together wicked easy.
The foremost layer is of clouds I drew with marker on drafting vellum I have been hoarding since my early days as an interior design student in college.  I toned them with Prismacolor markers and pencils.
Suspended between the second and third inner frame is a cut out image of us and our first kiss as husband and wife (courtesy of the fantastic wedding photographer, Douglas Despres of Helios Images).  Wrapped in between and around the second and third frames is clear thread on which I taped velum stars and opalescent confetti stars.  You can only see the thread when you're way up close, and I'm pretty stoked about how the stars look.
The background is a Creative Commons License star map I found on a Vintage Printable.  The P is part of this monogram I designed for our wedding invitations.  I tweaked it a bit and set it to overlay.
The hubby loves it.  Mission accomplished.

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