Turning My Daughter into a Monster

NOTE: I wrote this post last year but somehow never published it. This little monster is one of my favorites.

How could I resist making my daughter her own monster for her birthday?  Introducing "Charlie Monster".  I couldn't just settle for some pre-made Monsters Inc. invites, oh no (thought I did pick up some adorable plates and napkins to subtlly tie in the Pixar theme).  Charlie was dead set on having a green monster party because she loves Mike Wazowski.  Who doesn't?  So I made her this.  I'm planning on printing it out and framing it for her bedroom since her brother has his superhero icon from his birthday this summer.

I'm also making her a tutu with supplies from Bailey's Blossoms.  Erin's got a wide selection of colors and amazing prices.  I picked a selection of lime green, teal, purple, and magenta, though she has great DIY packages with everything you need to make your own tutu.  And the shipping was ridiculously fast.  Erin has a great tutorial on how to make a no-sew tutu if you're even remotely intimidated.

UPDATE: The Tutu came out adorable. It has since been loved.... a lot. I'd be happy to show you how it turned out but it's sort of a knotted mess of little girl dance moves and strawberry yogurt.

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