Alphabet Animals: C and D

I think these two might be done!  Here is C for Cow and D for Dolphin.

I'm reconsidering the hand lettering of the words, though.  I'm either going to go with one consistent hand drawn font or pick a nice font to type in.  I think I like the lettering from Elephant.

Here is the color layout I did next to my color palate.  It helps to get a perspective on how the colors are going to lay out on the series as a whole.  It's the equivalent of stepping back from a painting when you've had your nose in it all day long.  I'm still reconsidering F.  I think I'm going with Fireflies... or Fox... or Flamingo.  It's so hard to choose!  Thanks for those who gave great suggestions.

You can see I've left V and F uncolored.  I'm not convinced I like vulture.  I'm not sure it would be that fun to draw, or fun to hang on a wall.  Do you guys have suggestions for V?

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