Printable: Winter Dress Up Boy

I made this winter dress up activity for Luc.  Have your child color in then cut out (or have an adult cut out) each item of clothing and dress the boy for outdoor fun!  Feel free to click on each image and download the two pages below, or download them both with one click HERE.

I'm thinking about making a sort of loose curriculum to entertain him this winter and to keep me on a schedule.  I think that having something to focus on each day will help me to balance the 2 year old and the infant better.  When I was younger I spent several years working at a preschool, so I have a good idea of how to run it, does anyone have suggestions from doing this with their little own ones?


  1. Thank you for this printable - it will be helpful for my son who is in Kindergarten!

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  4. Unfortunately the linked file is mitten match, and not in fact the paper doll and attire pictured here.


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