DIY Mini Haunted House: Milk Carton Edition

This idea had been brewing in my head for over a year, and here it is.  Yet another fun project you can do with the wee ones, or make one just for yourself: DIY Mini Haunted House: Milk Carton Edition.  Download the art files and full instructions and get creating!

The kids used half gallon milk cartons for this project, but you can use any box, or, heck, just a flat piece of paper!  I've created a collection of window scenes from a spooky haunted house.  Who would be at your house?  A vampire?  Perhaps a witch?  Or a trio of ghosts?  Why not all of them?!  I've included detailed instructions to make the Milk Carton Edition of this spooky haunted house.

All the characters included in the downloadable file.

For the little kids I printed the characters out at full scale.  At this size you can fit two windows or one door on each side of the milk carton.  If you would like to fit more windows per carton side print out the character pages at 50%.  Both kids opted for non-traditional haunted house colors, of course.

Next, I want to try to apply these character windows to a flat black silhouette of a house to hang on the wall.  Or maybe I'll make a Halloween greeting card with a couple of the windows and door.  Wait, how many more days before Halloween?!

For full instructions on the DIY Mini Haunted House: Milk Carton Edition click on the link HERE and your file will automatically download.  Don't forget to share pics of how yours came out!

UPDATE:  Here's a quick chalkboard version I busted out this morning!

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