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I've done it! I'm finally opening a clip art shop!

You might remember almost exactly a year ago I made the ambitious goal to open a clip art shop for teachers within the next few months. Well, around the same time my husband had an opportunity to open a second location for his health club, The Zoo Health Club. Along with the craziness that goes along with just building a new location we decided to take over the website responsibilities so, of course, I suddenly got a fancy new job title. I like to call myself Creative Director (without the fancy paycheck).

Fast forward a year later. We have two gyms. Three kids. (Yup, I had baby #3 in August). A puppy, because why NOT get a two month old American Bulldog puppy when you have a three month old baby just in time for a very snowy New Hampshire winter?!

The puppy found herself a cozy spot when I left the room to get the baby.
She does NOT fit in the swing now!
But no matter how hard I try I can not ignore the itch to sell my clip art and at just the right time I had the opportunity to open a shop on a online education resource site, Educents.

"Educents is an online marketplace for affordable educational products, providing daily deals to students, parents and educators by working with established educational suppliers. Whether it is a science kit, curriculum pack, books or art supplies, we make sure that Educents has the lowest price. Educators need a break, and we’re here to help."

I am opening my shop by offering several of my Calendar Icon sets for free. You may remember those images from free printables I have offered in the past. This time I have formatted the graphics as usable clip art in both full color and black and white line art PNGs!

I've also got some great sets available for sale if you find that you just can't get enough of my hand painted watercolor style clip art graphics!

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