In Honor of Our Veterans

This week we celebrate and remember those who have fought for our country and the freedoms for which it stands for. 

As a child my grandparents were very active in the local chapter of the V.F.W. and some of my family still is. My grandmother was always putting things together for the veterans and always had paper poppies on hand. This is probably part of the reason why poppies are my favorite flower.

So today I'm offering this Remembrance Poppy clip art piece for a free download and ask that you thank a veteran in your life.

I think I might print a few out on heavy card stock and attach them to a pin backing so that we can wear them on our coats like the ones my grandmother used to hand out.

Click on the image below to download this Remembrance Poppy in both full color and black and white line art.

My aunt is an active member of the Women's Auxilary of her chapter of the V.F.W.  She recently asked me to design the pin that commemorates her term as 2015-2016 Connecticut Department President of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. Obviously I was honored and jumped at the chance. Plus, it's super cool to see your design on something like a brass pin.

Find out more about the origin of Veterans Day by visiting

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