Clip Art Set: Sweet Donuts

Whenever my Dad comes up to visit he totes with him his tool box to help with stuff around the house and a box of donuts to spoil the kids. But I will be honest in saying that its not just the kids who enjoy a sugary sweet flakey gooey "breakfast" treat.

I like to break mine in quarters and come back for pieces over time. I usually get in trouble. Apparently that's a "Donut Foul". I like to think of it as pacing myself.

This week I decided to revisit an old illustration and create a Sweet Donuts Clip Art Set from it. I brushed up some of the colors and built a cute little half dozen donut set.

So grab your favorite cup of joe and your notebook because once you get ahold of this set you'll be inspired to create some sweet stuff. You can find the set in both of my shops:

What is your favorite flavor donut?

Me? I'm partial to a Boston Cream considering I spent many good years up on the "Noath Shoa", but I'm a sucker for those pumpkin and maple flavors that come out in the fall. Or a cider donut. Oh crap, don't make me chose!

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